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It’s all about getting up to speed so you can speed up your workflow! From digital retouching to batch editing, we’ve got your back. (And your front. And the bottom of your left foot, too.)Starting from scratch and don’t know the Photoshop shop talk? No sweat. Our 100% free video tutorials will whip you (and your working knowledge base) into shape.It’s time to sprint out of the neverending editing rut and honing in on your true style, completely stress-free.So sit back & relax. Because we pinky promise our products will make the editing process painless.


Because business success starts with a plan.Meet your new picture-perfect assistant. (Note: She’s an efficient son of a gun.)This isn’t just your run-of-the-mill date book. It’s your new best business tool.From developing your business model and creating goals to organizing your days and developing CEO-worthy business practices, it’ll take you from so-so to so impressive.This is efficiency encompassed. Organization laid open on your desk. And your (profitable) future all focussed in on one powerhouse planner.


Did you think we forgot about you? We love Lightroom for all of its convenience and amazing photo culling capabilities. So we created the most incredible presets that will only enhance your photos and save you boat loads of time! Create the classic look of a crisp & clean image, develop beautiful warmth, muted palettes or edit with film. We’ve got a set to fit every niche. Whatever your style, we have developed the highest quality set of Lightroom Presets that gives you the control to create amazing & classic edits with a simple click of a button.

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We are confident you will love our products, just download them and find out for yourself.  Our custom created actions, presets and templates are not only unique, but will make your photographs stand above the rest!

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It’s no huge secret that the most time-sucking part of your photography biz is trudging through the editing process. And as we all know? Time is money. Not knowing the ins and outs of editing is costing you cash. (Also your sanity, and probably a few bottles of gin.)It’s our mission to pass along the crème de la crème of Photoshop templates, actions, presets, and tutorials. It’s about making your photography business paparazzi-worthy successful. (You can totally strut around proclaiming, Please, dahling–no pictures.)

Edit Photos With Colorvale Photoshop ActionsEdit Photos With Colorvale Photoshop Actions


We share our photography wisdom and excellence for you to evolve and stand out from the competition.



We test the limits of creativity every single day to meet the most demanding minds out there.



We continue to grow & evolve with this industry to help speed up your workflow as well as business organization.

Professional Editing Solutions For Photographers

The Best Photoshop Actions


From organizing your phenomenal photo sessions to scheduling time for editing, placing orders, developing unstoppable marketing strategies, seamlessly managing client workflow, and surpassing revenue goals, we’ve got you covered. (In glitter, and quite possibly a stylish A-line skirt.)


You can now track things like your number of clients (and how many of those were referrals), average session turnaround times, and increases in social media followers. Throw in the fact that you can keep an eye on monthly marketing behavior, and ensure monthly office tasks (like bookkeeping, email, ordering, etc.) stay in line, and you’re set for LIFE…or at least for the next 12 months.

Become Family.

Included in your planner is exclusive access to our private, members only Facebook Group where you will tap into proven marketing & social media strategies.  Also a place where you can ask questions & get insightful information that will allow you to get the most out of your new business planner.

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Industry Leaders

See what leaders in the photography industry are saying about Colorvale® Planners.

Rachel Brenke from The Law Tog
Photographer & TheLawTog®


“Colorvale’s planner is an essential must for a successful photography business. It goes beyond keeping you in line and on time. It keeps your business and marketing plans in the most efficient path to achieve goals.”

Christine Tremoulet Blogging
Photographer & Educator

Christine Tremoulet

“I recommend Colorvale’s Planner to every photographer I know. It has completely changed how I run my business. My favorite part is how easy it makes to plan & track my marketing efforts. Having a system in place for social media marketing is critical for any business online, and this Planner makes it effortless. I’m never without my Photographer’s Planner – and you shouldn’t be either!”

Susan Stripling
Photographer & Educator

Susan Stripling

“You can set goals, brainstorm, doodle, and track everything you could possibly want.  You can even track things you didn’t know you wanted tracked.  You can tell that this planner was created by someone who understands the photography industry and the needs of photographers.”

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