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You & I share a serious passion for photography!  Welcome.  I was someone just like you, searching the internet to learn & grow my photography business.  It was hard to find a safe place where I could trust the content but also not feel alone in my journey.  This blog was developed for people just like you and me.

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We are growing a community of photographers where questions are answered in a healthy environment.  Nothing catty going on here!  If you would like to join us please stop in, introduce yourself and please respect one another.  We are here to help one another.


This is a learning environment built specifically to benefit photographers!   A place packed full of tips, tricks and useful information all in one place.  When creating Colorvale it was my goal to provide as much information as I know but also do it in a way that could be easily understood.

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49 Steps to building a

successful photography business

We Are Expanding & Hiring

We are expanding our team!  What are we looking for? Colorvale is a very fast paced and fun environment.  We are looking for one person in particular.  Someone who can hang with us, someone who can better us and someone who is just plain bad ass!  Are you this person?  We are looking for someone […]

How To Post Sharper Images To Facebook

How To Make Photos On Facebook Sharpener & High Quality

  Let’s get to a real frustration that many photographers have, including me.  We spend tons of time preparing photo sessions, investing in expensive equipment, editing and the moment arrives that you can show the world your creation.  Nothing is more intimidating and exciting then putting our images out there for people to see.   You know your client […]

Stacie Jensen - Colorvale

Hello Beautiful …

I am so excited you landed on this page.  After all there are millions of photography resources out there so for you to find me I am super excited!  Welcome.  I hope you get a ton of information to grow your skills.  Feel free to share any blog posts that you think will also help others.

xoxo, Stacie

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