How to save images to Facebook with best quality



How to save images to Facebook with best quality

The great debate!  The argument is this … what is the perfect size and format for Facebook images?  What I have found to be true is this:  try, try and try!  With all the changes that are constantly taking place in the Facebook world the recipe will probably change again.  Here are the settings that I have found to be Colorvale magic!  You may not agree with them on paper but give it a whirl and you may just love what we have come up with.

  1. First up is to edit your image with your favorite Photoshop Actions.

  3. Make sure that your color profile is sRGB

  5. It’s important to save the file after editing for print prior to resizing for web.

  7. Now go to Image>Image Size

  9. Change width to 1100 px – remember, this is just our favorite recipe.  It works great.

  11. Make a duplicate of the background layer (ctrl +j)

  13. Click Filter>Sharpen>Unsharp Mask

  15. Make adjustments to sharpening tool to fit your needs

  17. Save as PNG – this is an even greater debate.  Let me tell you why you need to do this.


Saving photos as PNG format

Files that are saved as PNG are not compressed prior to uploading to Facebook.  It is apparent that even though Facebook isn’t telling us they are compressing our photos on upload, they truly are!  Here is a great article that explains how you can see that data is being lost once an image is posted to Facebook and proof that even when we upload at the size Facebook asks us to, they compress anyway!

If you were to save the web file as JPG before uploading you would have already compressed the image, losing some quality though not enough to notice by the eye.  However, when you upload to Facebook your already compressed image will be compressed AGAIN.  Double yuk!


Free Action & Preset To Save You Time and Enhance Your Photos



We at Colorvale kicked it up a notch to provide you an amazing time save for web images.  We have taken the recipe above, added some secret ingredients and a few little extras to make your images Facebook Friendly!  This can also be used for your website and blog posts.


Do you know someone else who has been not so happy with the quality of Facebook images?  Please do them (and me) a favor and share this post!  If you download the FREE action and want to leave your review here, that would be great too!

What people are saying about Colorvale’s FREE Web Enhancing Action:

  • Joanna Biggs: I love the web enhancer from Colorvale! For the first time in a long time my photos on Facebook look so AMAZING! Thank you so much for sharing this with the world!

  • Suzanne Francis: I LOVE it!!! I use it for every photo I post. They look so sharp and clear. Everyone who I know who has used it says it’s the best!

  • Carrie Grace MacAskill: The web enhancer from Colorvale made my pictures POP when I posted them to FB!!! They are bright and sharp!! I’ll never post another photo without applying Web Enhancer first!! Thank you Envi!!! You are the BEST!!!

  • Kelly Flores: I absolutely love it. I like the frame that you added in the update!!

  • Jenn Canfield: It’s made posting to Facebook so much easier – and fun! I no longer have to worry about the quality of my images, they come out amazing, they POP in just the right way! I even use it for posting to my blog…quick, easy and painless –  the Web enhancer from Colorvale, though I LOVE everything I have from Stacie she rocks!




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