How To Properly Edit Under Eyes In Photos



Why You Do Not Want To Over Edit Under The Eye

Many times we fix things just because we can.  Photoshop allows us so many amazing things to manipulate that doing so is part of our editing workflow, but why?  I ask this because many times we are spending more time editing out the unnecessary and actually hurting our profit margin.


Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should!  And this relates to editing!


Lightening the area under the eyes can be done by using the following steps:

  • Create a copy of the background layer (Ctrl or Command + J)
  • Take the dodge tool and set the range to “Midtones” and Exposure to 15%
  • Wipe once over the under eye, usually this is enough.  Then change the opacity of your background layer you just painted over to a lower number that looks nature.
  • Erasing the crease under an eye is NEVER ok to do.  The crease is actually what creates dimension in the face.  You need these curves to provide a human appearance and retain as mention demension as possible.
  • The top photo shows the under eye INCORRECTLY edited.  It consists of an overuse of the clone tool, taking away the crease and lightening too much.
  • The bottom photo shows the under eye lightened slightly using the dodge tool and then turn the opacity of that layer down to 30%

Do not make your subject look like they have never smiled or squinted with a lack of natural wrinkles.  It will not fool their friends that they appear younger, they will just simply feel self conscious that you corrected something that they can’t control.  Just lighten with the dodge tool slightly and use the clone tool on a very low opacity when absolutely necessary.


Photoshop_Actions_Envi_0554 copy





Stacie Jensen Colorvale Photoshop Actions

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