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I know you have gotten this question before – “How much would you charge for a session with no editing?I just want a disc!”  These types of questions fly into our inboxes as photographers. The question is, do you fumble over what to say? Do you give in to their demands? If so, you need this book! This book comes with 26 email templates for you to tuck in your back pocket.

We help you answer questions that clients will ask you and situations you may encounter such as:

  • What are your prices?
  • I found these poses on Pinterest, can we do these?
  • What to say when client keeps rescheduling
  • I’m looking for a photographer for my son’s birthday party, how much would you charge to just come and take some candid photos?


Warning: We designed this book for you to feel like you are talking to us on girls’ night with your bottle half empty and ready to let the truth out. If you are easily offended by a little a lot of cussing and bold, real-girl humor, this book may not be one you want to purchase.  Come on now, the title of the book is Cheap A$$ Charlie.  You know there is going to be some juicy words that follow. So I remind you, this book is not for the sensitive.




  • 22 Page Digital ebook PDF format (Use Adobe Reader)
  • PDF Email Templates – take the guess work out of what to say when clients ask you these burning questions (easy copy/paste)
  • BONUS Download:  Photography Pricing Calculator by Colorvale®
  • YOUR INITIAL DOWNLOAD MUST BE DONE ON A COMPUTER.  You can then transfer the pdf to your ipad or phone for your convenience.

This valuable ebook on how to respond to awkward client questions and simple how-to respond answers is packed with real client situations you can relate to. The best part is you will feel like you are having a conversation with your best gal pals while you read it. Stacie Jensen, CEO of Colorvale® and Marie Masse are two, professional photographers that have been there, unleashed on how they handled these situations, and give you their best advice on dealing with clients. It’s the business side that you would pay hundreds, even thousands, for at a workshop or mentoring and we have put it into one bundle for ONLY $49! Put your big girl (or man) pants on and establish stronger business policies today.
What you will gain from this ebook & email templates:

  • A sense of control over your business policies
  • An understanding on how to answer the unexpected but all too common questions
  • Business procedures such as model releases
  • What to do when an issue arises with a client

How many times have you come across a problem or stumbled over your words when responding to a client? In the movie, “You’ve Got Mail” Tom Hanks always has all of the zingers that Meg Ryan wishes would fly off her tongue. We’ve got the zingers and the real-life answers you need for any client situation from getting them booked, getting your payment, avoiding those tardy clients, responding to complaints, and more.

It’s like girls night with juicy 411 (secrets) to your most demanding clients!

Questions covered with real answers:

  • What are your prices?
  • A close friend or family member contacts you for a session. They want to know your prices. You feel they want a discount (or just guilty like it’s the right thing to do). They may flat out ask for a discount. What do you say?
  • My friend got a discount, can I?
  • What would you charge for just a session without the fancy editing? I want a disc.
  • I only need one or 2 photos and don’t need them edited for my family. How much will that cost?
  • Why is there an increase in pricing?
  • I’m looking for a photographer for my son’s birthday party, how much would you charge to just come and take some candid photos?
  • What to say when reaching out to a vendor:
  • What to say when reaching out to another photographer:
  • What to say when you need to ask for a model release of photos you’ve already taken for a friend:
  • You shoot only during the Golden Hours, they want 12:00.
  • You shoot only on Thursdays and Saturdays, they want Monday.
  • Your package doesn’t include a disc, but they want to buy one.
  • What to do when a client doesn’t like a portion of your contract or model release and wants you to change it.
  • Friendly reminder for deposit/contract and final payment.
  • What to do when client hasn’t made final payment.
  • Hi! I’m so in love with your photos. We are expecting baby #2 soon – it’s a boy! We can’t really afford much, but I thought it would be fun to have you and your husband over for dinner. We’d love some photos of the new baby and I thought our girls would have a ball playing while we do a few photos. What do you think? You wouldn’t charge me for that right?
  • Just like at the start of a relationship, one of you has to make the first move. Get a solid booking.
  • You’ve sent your potential client all of the documents they need to finalize to book with you, but you haven’t heard back since your email a few days ago.
  • The booking is set in stone. What’s next? Sending welcome note or gift and include a thank you for booking is crucial. Add personality.
  • Reminder just before the session.
  • What to do when a client is a no-show or is an hour late and they beg you for more time (or demand it).
  • What to say when client keeps rescheduling.
  • What if my kid doesn’t cooperate?
  • What if I need to stop and feed baby or my 2.5 year old needs a potty break?
  • I found these poses on Pinterest, can we do these?
Compatible with:

Adobe PDF Reader (Instant Download) and Microsoft Excel (2004 Required)

File type:

Excel xls (for Calculator) and Adobe PDF (ebook)


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