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The Fixings All-In-One Photoshop Action

Availability:In stock


So much more than an action set.  And only one click.

Want to stretch your purchasing power?  Grab this incredible All-In-One Action.  Wondering what that means?  All-In-One is the sexy secret over at Colorvale®.  We have revolutionized actions and turned them into true time savers with the development of The Fixings.  Everything you need in one little action and one click of the "play" button!  

That’s right, no more multiple actions to do a clean, beautiful, optional rich tones, crisp edit along with facial retouching such as smooth skin, twinkly eyes, highlighted hair, perfect over all sharpening and color pop!


  • This Is A One Click Action

  • Quickly & Easily Adjust Actions To Fit Your Image

  • Compatible With Windows & Mac

  • Instant Download

Availability: In stock




A Colorvale Original - Copyright 2013-2015, Colorvale®, LLC - DMCA Enforced


Clean Base Photoshop Action and a Ton more!

One action does it all – fix exposure, make colors pop, optional hot spot, optional matte (Photoshop version), smooth skin, twinkly eyes, hair highlighter, colorizer & toners, black & white conversion, all over sharpening for print or web,  and more with serious ONE CLICK!

Its true, actions should save you time.  Then why not have everything you need to complete an edit in one click, in one action?  Well we’ve done it!  That’s right, no more multiple actions to do a clean, beautiful, crisp edit along with facial retouching such as smooth skin, twinkly eyes, highlighted hair, and color pop?!  We have you covered.

This is the perfect action if you are someone who wants to:

  • Save time editing
  • Become more efficient & streamline your workflow
  • Create professional & clean photos without the overdone look
  • Wants to edit with one click of the play button instead of 5 or more
  • Wants to deliver high quality photographs to their customers




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3 Groups + 2 Bonus Colorizers
  The Fixings - Regular
  The Fixings - For OverExposed
  The Fixings - For UnderExposed
  Butter Pecan Toner
  Rose Glow Toner
Adjustments Found Inside - Regular
Exposure Fixes
  Devine Light
  Hot Spot Light
  Light Air
  Beautiful Contrast
  Beautiful Brightness
  More Depth
  Darken Darks
  Give Me Depth
Colorizers & Tools
  Honey Dew
  Carmel Drippings
  Paint on Matte
  Optional Matte
  Butter Pecan Tone
  Turn into Black & White
Digital Retouching
  Skin Smoothing
  Hair & Lip Highlighter
  Twinkly Eyes
  Blush Brush
  Paint on Color Pop
Finishing Touches
  Optional Vignette
  Finishing Gloss
Our Action Sets work in English versions of compatible software ONLY

Video Tutorial’s:


This download includes:
  •  You will download a ZIP folder.  It is important that you first SAVE this folder to your computer and another source.  Once downloaded you will need to UNZIP the folder to retrieve the files inside.


Important Information:
  • Due to the nature of this purchase, immediate download, no refunds will be given.
  • This product is NOT for resale!
  • It is the responsibility of the purchaser to download the product immediately and securely back up all purchases.
  • By purchasing this product you are agreeing to the Terms Of Use


If you experience any issues downloading, unzipping or installing your files please read our help tools & FAQ!  You should find all the answers needed to be up and running!

Teaching our users the most effective technique in editing is very important to us. Please take a peek at our video collection to see our products in action!


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Customer Reviews

  • Rate This Product
    Best Action Set To Date
    Review by Amyon 4/1/2015
    I can't say enough about how great this action is. What a time saver, and the beauty of each photo I use with this action. AMAZING!! It is definitely an all in one action. I just finished a set of senior photos and I couldn't have a happier customer. Thank you so much Colorvale for coming up with such exquisite products. This is now my go to action! Thanks again!
  • Rate This Product
    Review by TinaThelenon 3/10/2015
    Love these actions! Great time saver, so easy to use and install. Makes editing a breeze! Thanks so much!!
  • Rate This Product
    Love this!!!!
    Review by Jeannieon 12/5/2014
    This action has saved me a lot of time. I love it!
  • Rate This Product
    Saves so much time!
    Review by Amyon 8/22/2014
    Love this action! It saves me so much time!
  • Rate This Product
    Def a must have in your arsenal. `
    Review by Bethon 8/18/2014
    Def the action set you want to use first. It will end up being the last you will need! Its everything you need for a crisp clean image, perfectly exposed and creamy all in one. Best action purchases Ive made.
  • Rate This Product
    Review by Emmaon 8/17/2014
    Brilliant action. One click and it's fixed!!
  • Rate This Product
    Review by Glowing Fields Photographyon 6/25/2014
    This is my first action I use on ALL of my sessions! Don't think I could ever live without this one... It was life-changing! :)
  • Rate This Product
    My GO-TO photo enhancer
    Review by Loraon 5/31/2014
    I love love love this! I bought this a while ago but I use it all the time. Definitely one of my favorite actions to use for quick touch ups or something a little more in depth. Thanks so much Stacie!
  • Rate This Product
    Review by Gina on 5/8/2014
    If you have a tight budget, like most of us photogs, I highly recommend starting with this set. You cannot go wrong with any actions purchased on this site, but this set will take your images to a whole other level. You can click on your choice of action and BAM. And the best part, as you learn more and play with uncover a whole new BAM you never knew existed. This set just keeps giving, and you learn a TON about editing too when you play with the settings. I have spent THOUSANDS on action sets...I have them all. Most people love shoes....I love actions. Since I ran across Colorvale Actions, I truly realized how much money I have wasted on other sets. Almost all actions take something AWAY from an image when it GIVES you something in it's place. Not here. START with this enhances your work and puts you into the next league.
  • Rate This Product
    Review by Michelleon 5/7/2014
    I bought this last week and when I first used it I was disappointed BECAUSE I had never used an all in one action before. When I watched the video and "figured" it out..... W O W !!! This is hands down the best action I have ever purchased and will be purchasing more in the future! Seriously you cannot get more bang for your buck!
  • Rate This Product
    Game changer
    Review by Janaeon 5/1/2014
    This action is a huge time saver, I call it the game changer. Seriously cut my workflow hours in half. This is a must have action!
  • Rate This Product
    Fantastic action
    Review by c7eb5d04@opayq.comon 4/28/2014
    It has taken me so long to write this review because I have been busy playing with this action. It is my first one and I was so scared to try this but I had nothing to be afraid of. The tutorials are fantastic and this was so easy to use, I love it and now use it for almost all of my photos. Thank you so much, this is an amazing action.
  • Rate This Product
    Review by Emilyon 4/21/2014
    I love this set! Well I LOVE all the sets, but this one has cut my editing in HALF!! Thanks so much! It is easy to use and the results ROCK!!
  • Rate This Product
    Life Changing
    Review by Katieon 4/21/2014
    I had never used an action set before purchasing this one because I "thought I could do it all alone." And boy let me say, I've never been so happy to be proven wrong! This action set has saved me SO many hours so far and I've only had it for a week so far. It has totally streamlined the way that I edit and I'm not sure how exactly I lived my life before this.
  • Rate This Product
    Review by Wendyon 3/20/2014
    I can't tell you how much I love this set!! It has helped me tremendously!! Super fast and so easy to tweak!
  • Rate This Product
    Review by Margaritaon 3/16/2014
    Amazingly easy to use and gets you to the perfect picture in no time! Truly is an awesome product.
  • Rate This Product
    Game Changer!
    Review by Amandaon 3/13/2014
    I tend to underexpose when I shoot so I was spending way too much time in ACR trying to get the perfect exposure, well all that wasted time was over when I found The Fixings. I have to admit I wasn't using them properly until I attended a webinar from Stacie on how to use The Fixings to get the most out of it and it changed my world!! Now I can go from boring, flat and underexposed to aaaamaaazing in a matter of seconds.
  • Rate This Product
    Review by Glashaon 2/25/2014
    I am in LOVE with these actions!! It has help bring my editing style to life and saves me so much time on editing. I would recommend this product to everyone looking to save time on editing. Thanks Again Stacie!
  • Rate This Product
    Show Stopper!
    Review by Chelseaon 2/14/2014
    This action is a beauty! It's just one click, but then if you want you can go into each layer and adjust opacity and whatnot. Especially love the skin smoother and color pop! It was a really helpful tool for me for senior pictures! I wouldn't hesitate to buy it again! It's definitely the staple in my action collection! :)
  • Rate This Product
    Review by Shannonon 2/10/2014
    This action is perfect, I can't wait to buy more..It's a huge time saver and adjustable to make it your own!
  • Rate This Product
    Snap, crackle, Pop & BAM.
    Review by Celesteon 2/8/2014
    I purchased this action sometime ago now and I have to say it is my 'have to run it- all in one action'.... I just ♡ it!
    * I can never go past the 'pop' & the'BAM' to see what happens in front of my eyes..
    "It is definitely a must have action." ♥x
  • Rate This Product
    I HAVE NO WORDS!!!!!
    Review by Crystalon 2/8/2014
    Seriously this action has cut my editing time in HALF! I LOVE this action its my go to now for 90% of my editing! It has everything you could want, if you are on the fence LET ME HELP :) BUY IT!!!!!!!
  • Rate This Product
    Review by Kimon 2/2/2014
    I've had this action set for about a week and I am absolutely in love. I've been playing around with some older images that were already edited, and wow! The difference is just amazing. The colors are so rich and the images just pop right off the computer screen. I wish I had known about this set sooner!!
  • Rate This Product
    It is definitely my go to!
    Review by shari.decker@shaw.caon 1/27/2014
    I am completely in love with this action!! It is definitely my go to! The amount of time it saves is priceless it really does do it all. I would definitely recommend this action for EVERYONE!
  • Rate This Product
    I have recommended this action
    Review by btcoffell@gmail.comon 1/27/2014
    A M A Z I N G ! I purchased this action a couple of weeks ago because I had a Senior that I did a shoot on that had some pretty bad acne and scarring. Once I ran the action, you would not believe the difference that it made. Since then, I have recommended this action it to several other photographers that are having some of the same issues with blemishes. Love Love Love this action!
  • Rate This Product
    saves TONS of time
    Review by Tinaon 1/27/2014
    this is simple…one click & done!!! saves TONS of time. Thanks so much. Hope to own all of your products one day.
  • Rate This Product
    Holy Awesomeness Batman
    Review by Jessicaon 1/27/2014
    Holy Awesomeness batman!! I just bought these action set and ran it on a picture just to test it out. I compared the SOOC and the edited one. Awesome! The color is so much richer, skin smoothed (but not too much!) eyes are brighter! All in one click! This is going to save a TON of time on my Christmas mini session edits! Thank YOU!
  • Rate This Product
    It's A Simple Click & Done
    Review by Deborah Lynnon 1/27/2014
    I bought these actions and I absolutely love them! I use them on all my photo’s! I love that it has 3 different actions to run, one for pictures that are already almost perfect, one for pictures that are UNDEREXPOSED, and one for pictures that are OVEREXPOSED! Any light situation. It’s a simple click and done. then you can turn on and off layers, one simple click for eye sparkle, and the carmel drippings layer-get out of here, it’s amazing!! Love what you did with these Stacie
  • Rate This Product
    LOVE It
    Review by Debraon 1/27/2014
    I LOVE this action! I am so glad I bought this action last makes editing so much easier & quick for me. You can not go wrong with this purchase, this is by far one of the best actions I have ever used!!
  • Rate This Product
    Save Time On Editing
    Review by Cathy Jaramilloon 1/27/2014
    Not only is the Fixings an awesome one-in-all action, it is also affordable. Once you decide if your photo is over or underexposed or just right, one click of the mouse will run your action and the magic happens. And if you want a few more adjustments such as skin smoothing, highlights, etc., there are simple sliders in the same action for you to customize. This will save time on editing and we all know how precious time is.
  • Rate This Product
    The Best
    Review by Kellyon 1/27/2014
    Absolutely the best action I have ever owned. My editing time has literally been cut in half because of this action! Thanks so much Stacey!
  • Rate This Product
    Love It
    Review by heather723@gmail.comon 1/27/2014
    I bought this set just a few days ago and I LOVE it!! It came with more options and actions that I could have anticipated and made my most recent session just look SO professional and perfect. My favorites are the hot spot and paint on matte actions. I also love the under/over exposed options – It makes editing a breeze and has saved some pics I typically thought were unusable! I keep finding new combinations and can’t stop playing with it!
  • Rate This Product
    It's That Awesome
    Review by info@amiereinholz.comon 1/27/2014
    This action has literally changed my life! I can get through an entire session in half the time as I could before! At this price I feel like it’s a steal! I would pay a million dollars for it, just because it’s that awesome and would be totally worth it!!!!
  • Rate This Product
    The Best
    Review by karenj_1@comcast.neton 1/27/2014
    This is by far, one of the best action sets that I have ever used. You get everything you need in this one set. I literally edited a photo in less than 2 minutes because everything I need is included. And the price of this action just cannot be beat. Try it, you will not be sorry!
  • Rate This Product
    My Go-To
    Review by Wendyon 1/27/2014
    All of the actions that I have gotten from Colorvale are amazing, easy to download, install and use. With that being said, my favorite “GO-TO” action is now “the fixings”. It does it all, and is so user friendly to be customized for specific styles or situations. It takes photos so much further than I thought possible, adding umph and ah in seconds. Fast, easy and by far THE BEST action I have. You can’t go wrong with the price, and the whole experience. Awesomeness all the way.
  • Rate This Product
    Awesome & Affordable
    Review by Cathy Jaramilloon 1/27/2014
    Not only is the Fixings an awesome one-in-all action, it is also affordable. Once you decide if your photo is over or underexposed or just right, one click of the mouse will run your action and the magic happens. And if you want a few more adjustments such as skin smoothing, highlights, etc., there are simple sliders in the same action for you to customize. This will save time on editing and we all know how precious time is.
  • Rate This Product
    Review by stillsweet@bellsouth.neton 1/27/2014
    I purchased The Fixings a few days ago and couldn’t wait to try it. Well, today was the day!! I had some free time and was determined I was going to try it out. My first time using “The Fixings” complete action set and I’m amazed and thrilled.

    I chose to edit an image of my granddaughter taken a while back. I have so much to learn about this set because you can tweak it hundreds of ways to get different looks. I’m gonna have fun playing with it some over the holidays and see all the ways I can use it to enhance all of my images.

    It really is a complete workflow for all your editing needs! It offers digital retouching that allows you to smooth skin tones and blemishes, brighten eyes, enhance lip color, etc., then it gives you everything you need to really put your image over the top! With all the capabilities of The Fixings Complete Set, I do not have to use any other actions on my images. And I’ve barely scratched the surface of what all it can do. With The Fixings you can tweak your image to get just the look you are going for. It’s A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.!

    Stacie does an amazing job with all the awesome products she offers to help us photographers save so much time on our editing workflow. Thank you, Stacie, for all your hard work and the awesome products you offer to us. You are so appreciated!!
  • Rate This Product
    Review by raindropcorner@yahoo.comon 1/27/2014
    So, I have decided that Stacie is a genius. Nope, you are not allowed to argue with me. She is, and that is that. I received the Fixings as an early Christmas present, and absolutely love it! I love the clean look. And it is so easy to use. I am completely in love with this product. If you don’t have it yet, I highly recommend it! This action set will change your life. If I were a betting woman, I’d be willing to bet that this action set would cut your editing time in half. Do you normally spend hours per session editing? Buy this set, and spend more time with your family. Oh and while you’re at it…check out her calendar, too. Yes, it’s that amazing.
  • Rate This Product
    Review by Marieon 1/23/2014
    Most badass action set out there -- super quick & simple to use!